Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The heart of CapHill?

Prove mathmatical
AND the density center.
Compare and contrast.

Note: If you can find either center, show us how and we'll dedicate a Ku to you. be sure to include the visual.

Snaps: to Wonderfollower for creating this map for us!

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Johnny Rigor said...

So far I've got a map of all of the land parcels within the neighborhood boundary and the current land use. I'm creating a measure of intensity for each and then I will find the geographic center of all the instensity. I pretty map will be included

Johnny Rigor said...

Here it is y'all:

J.R> said...

Theses links are better:

Heart of the Hill:

Pretty land Use Map:

Final Answer said...

That would be such a brutal run. All hills!