Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The heart has been found!

Johnny Rigor, he's
our man - calculator mind,
and urban skill'd hand.

The Hearts of Capitol Hill:
Geographic Center is at 14th Ave E and E Valley St
Weighted for density, the center is 11th Ave E and E Republican St

Ref: Hard work


Final Answer said...

Ah, it even looks like a real (human) heart! Mad mapping skills!

Anonymous said...

A great study in mapping and population, very impressive!!

...but the real "heart" is where people meet, socialize, create community and build relationships. So I propose another "competition" ... where is the people's heart on Capitol Hill?? =)

Matt said...

Anony Mous has a good point. Even if we've found the mathematical 'heart' of the Hill, what about experience? Emotions matter.

wonderfollower said...

If we've already found the heart, then is this really a request to find the soul of the hill?

But then, maybe the soul moved to Ballard with everybody else...