Thursday, October 4, 2007

Damn the man, save the empire

Evicted by CHAC,
Balagan moves on - 12th, Pike.
Vive la Hill arts!

Ref: Balagan Theatre, Brendan Kiley, Developers


Anonymous said...

Ummm....this project you are showing has nothing to do with CHAC...It's nearly 2 blocks away and they renovated a blighted building and built a very cool loft building on a parking lot that had a chain link fence...Yay for the man on this one!

City Limits said...

I believe that this is a sketch of the building that Balagan is moving into, now that they are no longer at CHAC. I could be mistaken, all the new developments kind of look the same to me. I'll head over and take a real photo to replace this one, soon. Balagan has raised/is raising $50K/year for rent in this new building.