Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Victrola table

Too big for just one
Hillsters too shy to share space
Keep looking at Mac


Bibi said...

Music on table
Makes happy times together
Ipods can't be shared.

I prefer my music to be around me, not plugged into my ear. When outside, I like to hear the sound of the streets, the birds... And indoors, while I may not have a record player anymore, I like my music on cds that can be heard by all!

j said...

p-shaw. I shared a table on Tuesday when things were cold and bleak and nobody wanted to be outside. You have to get to a certain capacity to tip the needle over toward share-time.

But it is true my first tablemate and I shared not a word. Her plugging in my power cord was more intimacy than we could take. Her replacement, however, was a monologuist. Chatty Cathy, he was.