Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Show me some creativity

I love public art.
But poetry on buses:
total waste of funds.

Ref: Poerty on Buses, 4Culture


Bibi said...

"Metro" poetry
Often brightens up a ride
From Hill to downtown

City Limits said...

I disagree. The poetry itself is fine. But, the project should be taken further. These banners blend in with the ads. They should stand out. Why not in a surprising place like on the seat backs? Why not imagery more striking than a squiggly line? Public funded art should have high visibility and give artists true opportunity. This is very half assed. Also, the program has been around for a long time - plenty of time to grow and progress.

Tina Hoggatt said...

It's great to come upon one of our programs being discussed. As observed, the Poetry on Buses program has been long established and should grow and evolve over time. We are currently evaluating the program's impact and talking about ways to increase the reach of the program, innovate its delivery and still honor the remarkable contributions of the poets in the region. You are right: this is an expenditure of taxpayers dollars and it is presented in the public realm so should be responsive to the public and deliver excellence in programming. Going forward we will be talking to partners, looking at alternative venues for presenting poetry, thinking about performance and weighing the expense of the program against the experience of the audience. We are proud of the Poetry on Buses program and salute the poets who have participated. The current economic environment gives us all an opportunity to identify what matters to us and contribute to positive change and innovation. Thanks for weighing in.
Tina Hoggatt - Public Art 4Culture

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that I have been (and am) a big fan of poetry on buses.

Full disclosure... I work for 4Culture. However, I am a pretty new so I can remember a time where I didn't have a biased perspective about our programs.

I ride the bus every day, and almost always find myself reading the ads... just for some kind of stimulation. Countless times I've been grateful for the opportunity to engage with imagination and creativity through the poems.

City Limits said...

Thank you for your comments!

I must say, I have the highest respect for 4Culture and appreciate any piece of art it has a hand in bringing about. I mean no disrespect to the organization at large.

Tina, as you say, the contributions of the poets are remarkable. I do appreciate the history of this program and the voice it provides to artists. But what excites me more are your words on evolution, impact, reach, and innovative delivery. I eagerly look forward to Poetry on Buses 2.0.

Anonymous, I agree this is a nice shift from ads. But, you state my point on delivery. While reading ads you have been grateful for the art hidden beside. Although some prefer art to be discovered below the everyday, I prefer that art jump out at me so I don't have to observe the everyday.

jrrrl said...

I like the poetry. It would be nice to have more prominent poems but I'm sure funds are very limited.

My suggestion: why not have more poems? I've seen the same few poems over and over. If you reach out to blogs (here, neighborhood blogs, city blogs like slog and seattlest, etc) I'm sure you'll get many many free submissions. You don't have to limit it to one poem per poet. I'd like to see a few hillku poems on the bus. :)