Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anderson Consulting Interview #2

Guess how many tiles:
Red, blue, and white - line Broadway.
Explain your logic.

Ref: ACI #1


Uncle Vinny said...

Oh, a second interview is always a good sign. I spilled pickle soup on my tie during a 2nd interview many moons ago, and still got the job! Best o' luck to ye.

jonglix said...

~1/2 mile of Broadway * 2 sides of street * 5280 feet/mile ~64 tiles/foot / 3 colors
= 112,640 tiles of each color

Steven said...

Once again, the answer is secondary and frankly unimportant.

The interviewer wants to see how you react to the question. Are you calm, logical? Do you jump up to the whiteboard? Are you able to verbosely express your thought processes you use to reach your conclusion?

Tech world death knell (seen this many times): Becomes flustered. Becomes argumentative. Demands to know if the right answer is required for the job. Declares it a useless question and refuses to answer. Quickly whips out a number (like above), but can't calmly and verbosely explain it and gets angry when you ask them to.

jonglix said...

whatever dude , I believe in the truth not some lame whiteboard presentation skills.

Final Answer said...

Yeah, I'm more in the *make kids memorize multiplication tables* camp than the *let kids argue that seven times five is forty three because it makes them feel better about themselves* camp.

So I guess it's a good think that I'm not actually interviewing for a job.

j said...

I say none after they rip out all the sidewalk to make way for light rail, street car, Hooters. Ask Mr. Owl!