Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vote for J tomorrow night!

J for president!!!
Someone you can have beer with!
Hillku did it once!

Ref: CHS, Meeting Agenda 4/24, J's statement


j said...

oh, jeez, is city modeling again? false advertising!

i'm up against a guy from the mayor's office so tell my story if they end up locking me away on trumped up charges, etc.

City Limits said...

If only Tyra would give me a chance - I know I could be America's Next Top Model!

Final Answer said...

If you ask City to walk down Broadway wearing a Daddy shirt (with Vote for J! on the back) you'll get at least 50 extra votes.

We'll definitely help you kick Mr. Office of the Mayor Guy's (OMG) ass.

j said...

there's talk of a community council brainstorming session/hang out in a bar after the forum session tonight. guess i'll need to drink a beer or two to live up to this campaign's promises.