Thursday, March 6, 2008

Book your SEA-ORD tix today!

Cubbies vs. M's?
Hey Chicago, whaddya say:
This ain't happening.

Ref: Seattle PI, Go Cubs Go (Youtube)


Aleks said...

fun, but unlikely
is cubs hundred years enough?
spot you in news box

jonglix said...

baseball season is so long that you can always be optimistic for at least a few months!

151never said...

Why no love for the MDW?

Final Answer said...

I assume most Cubs fans prefer the northside's ORD.

Although, given the slowness of the blue line, is it faster to get to Wrigley via CTA from MDW or from ORD?

jonglix said...

Good call 151, I'd say MDW is faster, unless the Addison bus is enhanced on game days

Aleks said...

It's too hard to reply in haiku. I'll say this -- getting to O'Hare from N-side is now more of a pain than it was from Loop, where we lived right on blue line. We've been cabbing -- horrors, I know.

151never said...

The Addison 152 does have additional service on game days, but the traffic [especially from the Addison Blue Line stop] would render the 152 pretty much useless.

I'd actually suggest taking the Orange Line from MDW to the Halsted stop [!] and then taking 8 Halsted bus to the penultimate stop at Addison, where you'd be just a few short blocks away.

Aleks -- are you not taking advantage of the X80 Irving Park Express?!