Saturday, September 15, 2007

Something's coming: Thomas St. Bistro

What will this place be
0ver looking Thomas Park?
We'll be there day one.


jon said...

Been waiting for this for awhile myself. They actually had the sign out on the sidewalk one day, but alas, not open.

This will definitely be the closest food to my place. Downright staggerable. You must live nearby as well?

Anonymous said...

hey guys..we are open!pls join us for lunch or dinner,so far everyone said we are doing a great hope to see you soon.Adam

doug said...

Dinner Friday Nov 9 was excellent. All entrees include appetizers, soup and dessert. Great food, attentive service, and live guitar, playing soft jazz. A nice, quiet place to relax and eat well.

Go try it, then tell your friends.

Anonymous said...

Thomas St Bistro is def a cool little spot, the food is real and the price is right. The singer tuesday night is awesome.