Sunday, January 6, 2008

Caucus or Primary?

WA: you can do both.
For Dems, only caucus counts.
Every vote don't count.

Ref: WA FAQ, Times, WA Dems, Democracy for WA

Save the Date: caucus on Feb 9, primary on Feb 19.


Joannie said...

Discuss the issues!
At the neighborhood caucuses
People are thinking

(Full disclosure: 2004 was my first caucus and I felt like such a dolt for not participating before then. I thought it was the most amazing, vibrant community-government experience, and I'd prefer to have an all-caucus system and scrap the primary, which is really more like taking a multiple choice test where you can guess as much as you want. This couldn't fit into the haiku.)

City Limits said...

Discussions are key.
Private vote allows hon'sty.
Lucky, can do both!

[Thanks for the full disclosure - and for doing your civic duty by discussing and voicing your opinions!]