Monday, December 17, 2007

CapHill purchasing takes trust

Just sayin', these folks
gonna pick your new hip home?
Could they be less Hill?

Ref: Ask Matt instead


j said...

Careful! Realtors and blogging services appear to be the last people still aggressively advertising on the internet right now!

I think they look like very, very nice people. Did I mention we're currently auctioning our January sidebar ad placement on eBay?

City Limits said...

I appreciate the shameless plug, j.

In general, I'm anti web advertising. But, if one is going to put up web adverts, they should at least make the ad appeal to their target market.

I agree, they look like very nice folks. But I don't think they mirror their target, which makes it hard to identify.

Just sayin'.

Uncle Vinny said...

What's the difference
Between real estate drones and
Glassy eyed junkies?

Final Answer said...

City, don't even tell me that man doesn't mirror his target audience. Don't even. And that woman looks like the lady on my bus who is always talking about her cats.

Great 'ku, Uncle!