Friday, November 2, 2007

Cody Castagna, please move to the Hill!

Photos, amazing.
Interview style, uncanny!
Please be my neighbor.

Ref: Photos & Interview, Slog, Slog, Slog some more!

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Anonymous said...

Cody Castagna should go down in history as a gay rights guerilla. You can wave your banners and march, but sometimes its those that, like a Trojan horse, get right in and knock out the bastards. Republicans, and other nazis want to turn the whole world into one big casino, and put a dollar value on our basic needs. Things like health care, public transportation, and even housing should be as exempt from the mighty dollar as most of us agree intamacy should be. It shows what kind of world the republicans nazis want to create. A world run in back rooms with shady deals. Extortion, lies, theft... what happened in that SPokane hotel is a pattern of the big picture of business and power... McCain, Bush, Rove, and Cheeny are whores of the oil companies, and they got our wallet!!!