Thursday, August 23, 2007

CapHill Angst

Ire boiling over,
feel the rising rage explode:
the wrath must be heard.

Sidenote: What is with all the Capitol Hill rage? This isn't inner city New York. It's Seattle. And let's face it, Capitol Hill is a large suburban neighborhood with the guise of city living. That's why we like living here.

If you're going to display the angst, can it at least have the artistic character that Capitol Hill is known for. The folks spraying "you suck" at no on in particular on Harvard at Olive, take a lesson from the funky kids at Thomas on Belmont:

Just sayin'. Any one else have a thought?


j said...

The You Suck painter specializes in new form of 'ku constrained to two syllables.

wonderfaller said...

What ups must come down:
Spray, scrape, swipe the etch-a-sketch.
Matlock earns his pay.

Ref: the stranger